Researchers reveal hidden messages & # 39; Siri can hear but you can not

U .S. and Chinese researchers have discovered a method to give digital assistants "secret" commands that are inaudible to the human ear.

These researchers found a way to use undetectable hidden messages to invoke A.I. assistants like Siri and Alexa. These same messages could send commands to PDAs, causing them to perform tasks that their owner did not intend, The New York Times reported.

These commands can be embedded in a sg, spoken text or other audio recordings. When these tracks are played near an Amaz Echo or an iPhone, close users hear ly detectable audio. But digital assistants would hear and respd to these hidden orders – even without their owners knowing

They can ask a digital assistant to dial phe numbers, purchase items line or from other companies. access websites. But they could perform even more malicious tasks, such as hiding funds an account or opening smart doors or locks.

Worrisome implicatis have recently been highlighted in a research paper written by students from the University of California, Berkeley and Georgetown. The University and published this mth

Last year, a joint team of Chinese and American researchers cducted similar tests – using a method that they dubbed "DolphinAttack." And another team and the University of Illinois corroborated the results. work up to 25 feet from a smart device.

The exact method used by the Berkeley and Georgetown team …

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