Researchers claim that ownership of the iPhone and the iPad is an indicator of wealth

Owning an iPhone or iPad is a strg indicator that somee has a high income, according to a study by the Natial Bureau of Ecomic Research, with both Apple's mobile devices found as the ly e in the world. e of the most comm property status symbols of all brands and products.

University of Chicago ecomists Marianne Bertrand and Emir Kamenica analyzed patterns of differences amg groups of people, including income, educati, gender, race, and status. policy. ideology. Business Insider reports that part of the article deals with the use of trademarks by people with different levels of wealth in 1992, 2004 and 2016, with iOS devices at the top of the list for the most recent year.

According to the data, if the respdent reported having an iPhone, the researchers had a 69.1% chance of determining that the pers had a "high income" and was in the top quartile for income. An iPad gave similar results with a probability of 66.9%, while the possessi of an Android smartphe was in fourth place at 59.5%.

Seven of the ten brands the 2016 brand list are technology-related, with 61% of Veriz Wireless, 58.2% of an HP printer or fax, 58.1% of AT & T for cell phes and a Samsung TV scoring 58 percent.

The 2004 results highlight the 2016 technology-driven list, with the possessi of a Toshiba TV in seventh place …

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