Report details about the aversi of adult language, violence and nudity to the original TV ctent

As Apple's original ctent improves, we've heard rumors about the types of programs that Apple is looking for. Apple is apparently looking for televisi that reflects the brand, not taking into account darker themes and ctent for adults that are comm in high-profile TV dramas such as Game of Thres.

There was some mumbling that Apple relaxed somewhat and opened up to a mixture of family-friendly and mature material. A new Wall Street Journal report, however, largely says the opposite. It says that Apple wants quality ctent with stars and a broad appeal, not free sex, blasphemy or violence.

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It describes how Tim Cook immersed himself in Vital Signs & # 39 ;, a semi-biographical drama about Dr. Dre's life because he was too violent. The show was in works since 2016 and widespread to feature drugs and sexual acts.

The WSJ says that of the (more than 20) Apple TV shows that are under development, ly a few would receive a TV-MA & # 39; rating, equivalent to an R-rated movie.

The problem that Apple has to deal with is that so much modern modern TV is dependent the fact that it is darker. This is clearly seen in shows such as House of Cards, which used Netflix as a troline for its original ctent efforts, or even Breaking Bad – the TV program that Sy from Jamie Ehrlicht and Zack Van Amburg executed before they came to Apple. Of course there are counter-specimens and it is up to Apple to prove that it can span the line well, without alienating viewers.

Amburg and Erlicht have reportedly ctacted agencies last year with a very open offer (& # 39; Do not edit selfselves) about the type of shows they were looking for. In the following mths, however, Apple is generally seen as willing to look at anything that does not show excessive violence or nudity. It also seems to reject plots with a focus ctroversial political or religious themes.

Messrs Van Amburg and Erlicht have successfully pushed some more exciting shows. Apple signed a deal for a series made by M. Night Shyamalan about a couple losing a young child.

Before saying yes to that psychological thriller, Apple managers had a request: please remove the crucifixes in the couple's house, said people working the project. They said that executives made it clear that they did not want shows that would take religious subjects or politics. Shyamalan was not available for comment.

It also sounds like there is some fricti with the shows Apple has with green light. The Wall Street Journal notes that the show runner for the Witherspo and Anist drama has been replaced, partly because of creative differences in some of the shrewd humor. According to the report, Apple wanted the show & cheerier & # 39; to make. Similarly, the original leaders for the rebreat & # 39; Amazing & # 39; replaced when Apple's visi is too dark & ​​# 39; found for his platform.

The report also says that Apple planned to launch its first original TV shows this year, but has now reversed plans to March with the possibility that it will be postped again.

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