Release date of the iMac Pro 2 and new specificatis

The iMac Pro was promised during a breifing in April 2017 and arrived a few days before the end of 2017, December 14th

This is a Space Gray beast from a machine that received rave reviews. However, with a new Mac Pro in preparati for 2019, what can we expect from the next update of the iMac Pro?

iMac Pro 2 Release Date

An update of the iMac Pro could take place in 2018 – the next generati of Xe W processors is expected to arrive in the secd half of 2018. However, while we know that the Mac Pro update is delayed until 2019, it seems unlikely that Apple would update the iMac Pro before unveiling this new Mac pro.

If Apple updates the 2017 iMac Pro in 2018, we expect it to arrive by the end of the year. But a 2019 update to WWDC 2019 seems more likely.

iMac Pro 2 Award

The price of the iMac Pro currently starts at £ 4,899 / £ 4,999. We think this is unlikely to change, but it's not out of questi,

There could be a price change if the price if the high-end price of iMac changes, and also if the price of the Mac Pro is significantly different when the new model is launched.

The current high-end iMac 27in costs £ 2,249 / $ 2,299 (though it can be specified up to £ 4,949 / $ 5,299). You can buy e here.

The Mac Pro is currently starting at £ 2,999 / $ 2,999. Obviously, the current price reflects the fact that the Mac Pro has not been updated since its launch in 2013. It is likely that when Apple launches the promised update to the Mac Pro, it will increase the price, and at the same time the price of the iMac Pro could fail

The iMac Pro 2 Design model

2017 retained the appearance of the iMac while changing the interior to accommodate a cooling system including a high capacity heat sink and additial ventilati for a 75% higher airflow and an 80% increase in heat capacity, while csuming 67% less energy than the iMac 27 inch standard.

And if Apple had not fully revised the standard iMac in 2018, we believe that iMac Pro is unlikely to receive a redesign so so after its launch. If a big change was going , why would not Apple have launched a new design with the iMac Pro.

The ly change in exterior design with the iMac Pro was the Space Gray color scheme. There have been rumors that this color choice could come to the iMac, especially now that you can buy the keyboard and mouse in Space Gray separately, however, we believe that the iMac Pro will remain the ly Mac desktop available in the darker shade.

iMac Pro 2 Screen

The current iMac Pro has the same 5K screen as the current iMac. It's a resoluti screen of 5,120 x 2,880 pixels, and it's pretty good. Is there room for improvement? Of course,

5K is already better than 4K – especially because it gives users the ability to edit tools next to the 4K video they publish.

Looking at some of the mitors the market, there are some areas where we could see the change.

The current model offers 500 nits. Nits is a measure of brightness. The HP x360 Book Studio is equipped with a 600-denier display and the Dell Ultrathin 24-inch and 27-inch mitors also offer 600 nits. These screens also offer 85% DCI-P3 coverage.

Since 2015, Apple supports wide-gamut color P3 space, which is an RGB color space developed for the film industry. The Apple Display P3 is a little different from the DCI-P3 of the film industry.

Some critics of P3 complain that it is smaller than Adobe RGB in the cyan and green area, so it covers less typical CMYK color spaces.[1919659022]The Dell Precisi 5530 manages to cover 100% of Adobe RGB, apparently . [19659002] Adobe RGB has been the de facto standard for a lg time – but many also csider that sRGB (standard RGB) is sufficient, and Apple's screens already exceed the sRGB color gamut.

Another area in which we could see improvements is 10-bit Apple's iMac Pro screen supports 10-bit spatial and temporal dithering, which means that although it an 8-bit mitor, it can display 10-bit colors by changing some pixels very quickly.

The Dell Precisi 5530 claims to support true 10-bit color.

iMac Pro 2 processor

The current iMac Pro uses the Xe W-200 series, based the microarchitecture of the Skylake server 14nm and using the Purley platform.

The 2017 models are as follows:

  • Intel Xe W (TB 4.2 GHz) 19 MB to 8 GHz cache memory (Xe W-2140B)
  • Intel Xe W 10.7 GHz cache memory (TB 4.5 GHz) 23.75 MB (Xe W-2150B) [19659030] 14 GHz Intel Xe W (TB 4.3 GHz) 33.25 MB cache (Xe W-2170B)
  • 18 cores 2, 3 GHz Intel Xe W (TB 4.3 GHz) 42.75 MB cache (Xe W-2191B) [19659033] The Xe W family has replaced the Xe E5 which is part of the current Mac Pro. Xe was a new brand for workstati processors that are between the server and the csumer.

    Looking ahead, the Skylake versis of the Xe W family will be replaced by the Xe W processors based the 14nm Cascade Lake microarchitecture. The Cascade Lake Xe X is expected to be launched in mid-2018. Like Skylake, Cascade Lake based the Purley platform

    The Cascade Lake Xe W will deal with Spectrum and Meltdown, and will add support for DIMM Optane DDR-T and 2933 MT / s DDR4 (from 2666 MT / s )

    After Cascade Lake W will come to Ice Lake W which will use a 10nm process and move from the Purley platform (also known as Scalable Xe processors) to the Whitley platform – but that will not be will appear until 2019.

    iMac Pro 2 Graphics

    The iMac Pro 2017 uses Rade Pro Vega 56 or 64 graphics processors. These modules support 8GB and 16GB of HBM2 memory [19659002] What graphic treats might be in store for the next versi of the iMac Pro?

    In April 2018 Dell announced that its new Precisi 5530 workstatis (coming August 2018) shipped with the Rade Pro WX Vega M GL graphics (not to be cfused with the Rade RX Vega M GL)

    We have already mentied the Precisi 5530 several times. It's a 15-inch laptop, so it will not necessarily be csidered a natural competitor of the iMac Pro, but it seems like it's definitely worth watching.

    iMac Pro 2 RAM

    The new Cascade Lake Xe W processors mentied above will also bring changes to the RAM in the next generati of the iMac Pro.

    The Xe W Cascade Lake will add support for Dpt-T Optane DIMM and 2933 MT / s DDR4 (starting at 2666 MT / s). [19659002] Intel has already announced that Optane DIMMs are coming in the secd half of 2018.

    Optane DIMMs go:

    • Bringing increased memory density
    • Being as fast as DDR4 memory
    • Being able to hold information without power

    Traditially, you could not have e without the other, it was about using slower NAND for data retenti or DRAM for speed.

    The current range of iMac Pro offers:

    • 32GB of 2666MHz DDR4 ECC Memory
    • 64GB ECC DDR4 Memory 2666MHz
    • 128GB ECC DDR4 Memory 2666MHz


    We will update this article as so as we know more about the future compents of the iMac Pro.

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