Read Apple's 19 page privacy declarati and you

Privacy is a hot butt issue and the US House Committee recently sent Apple a couple questis about privacy protecti. These ccerned locati tracking, voice recording, and third party applicatis.

Detailed answer tells the strg commitment to the privacy of Apple iPhone users in all these areas.

16 questis are questis from the American Chamber of Commerce's Energy Commerce Commissi. Answer page 19 Timothy Powdery, Director of Federal Affairs at Apple, was in charge.

iPhone privacy and locati tracking

The first eight questis were about locati tracking and how the information was sent from the phe to Apple.

The iPhone maker answered in detail, but in summary, iOS has enabled the setting to switch the locati tracking. If it is off, there is no tracking. Even if it is , the user can allow or deny access to locati data from each applicati.

"According to Apple's privacy positi, it is up to the user to decide whether to use locati-based services," Powderly says.

Recording iPhone and microphe

Some people are afraid that their phe is always listening to their story. There were two particular questis from the lawmakers. "Is Apple's iPhone device collecting user's voice recording without csent?" The company's answer is simple "no".

Powderly also explained that the user knows that "Hey Siri" has totally occurred the device, so that everything the user says is not uploaded.

After "clear and distinct audio trigger" is recognized by the iPhone, it is usually de the Apple server to process specific voice commands to Siri. Recording is saved, …



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