Qualcomm asks Intel to share documents for iPhone & iPad modems

An applicati filed with the American District Court in the Northern District of California, filed July 27 by Qualcomm's legal team, by The register, claims that Intel has been asked to provide documents and testimials regarding compents used in iPhones and that are likely to be "functially relevant" to claims of Qualcomm patents.

Specifically, the requested items regarding the Intel radio compents used or planned Apple mobile devices from 2016 to 2018. Although Intel has met the requirements for RF compents used in Apple devices from 2016 and 2017, The company is accused of not providing details of the compents that can be used in the 2018 Apple hardware.

"While the parties agreed the producti of documents, Intel waived this agreement," accuses Qualcomm in the moti. After a number of meetings and other communicatis between the parties, Intel seemed "willing to cooperate" this subject May 18, but "renounced his word" after he had not delivered the documentati two mths later.

Qualcomm also complains that Intel refuses to comply with an order in cnecti with an applicati ccerning the compents. According to the record, Intel says the demand is heavy because some people have to testify abroad, but Qualcomm is of the opini that videocferencing would be a suitable soluti.

Another alleged argument from Intel against providing 2018 related compent data is that it relates to "future unpublished products", such as the annual renewal of the iPhone scheduled for the year. ; autumn. Qualcomm claims that this is not valid, suggesting that Intel has distributed and marketed the compents a large scale, in additi to quoting March's IPad refresher in a 2018 product launch that could use such products.

"There is nothing in the future, hidden or speculative about Intel's 2018 RF compents that Qualcomm is looking for," notes the filing.

The filing is the latest in a lg legal dispute between Qualcomm and Apple about modems and royalties, including multiple lawsuits in many countries. According to the ITC complaint, Qualcomm claims that Apple is violating a number of patents, including communicatis patents that have allegedly been violated by the modems it uses.

As part of the complaint, Qualcomm has asked the ITC to block the import of iPhones with the help of Intel modems that may infringe patents. Csumer groups respded in June. By chasing Qualcomm, filing a petiti to prevent the blocking and requesting an import ban would strengthen the anti-competitive behavior.

The ITC's acti follows a new trial against Qualcomm by the Federal Trade Commissi in January 2017, accusing the company of having forced Apple to enter into an exclusive deal between 2011 and 2016 to buy baseband chips, in exchange for royalty & # 39; s lower licensing costs. At the same time, Apple filed its own lawsuit, accusing Qualcomm of withholding nearly $ 1 billi in retaliati payments for "truthfully respding to the forces of the order," referring to the FTC's investigati into fleas.

Qualcomm respded in April 2017 with a counterattack Apple and accused it of using the courts to obtain lower license fees for its technology.

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