Publicatis that allegedly embrace Apple News for potential for advertising revenue, not for immediate returns

The news departments have seen tremendous growth in Apple News in recent years, with many people finding their audience more important than other forms of distributi. The ly problem? Few – if any – were able to earn mey with it, according to a new report.

The recent claims are set out in a comprehensive report highlighting the potential pitfalls of embracing Apple's pre-installed iOS kiosk.

Numbers divided by Slate are pretty telling. The publicati has seen a huge increase in the traffic of Apple News, but it is largely impossible to metise the inflow of newcomers. Actually, Slate earns more mey from a site with 50,000 views its site than 54 milli page views Apple News.

The report, with source citati, says that other news broadcasts are virtually the same, with Apple News now ranked as a top traffic driver algside Facebook and Google.

Since the launch, Apple News has failed to support many of the comm advertising platforms used by line publishers. Although it recently added support for Google's DoubleClick ad manager, it means that the platform restrictis that appear in Apple News ctain far fewer ads than the same ctent a publicati's website. Furthermore, the advertisements that are shown in News do not earn much.

The big difference between the Facebook audience and Apple News is that Facebook has been redirected to the publicati's website, where page views have been translated into ad impressis. Apple News, the other hand, keeps users within the app itself, which largely limits the number and types of ads that can be displayed.

Yet publicatis do not jump out of the ship. Indeed, many are embracing Apple News, hoping for a turnaround. The app is preloaded any iOS device and opens the door to a huge potential audience as there are more than a billi iPhes and iPads in use worldwide. Apple News also comes to Mac for the first time thanks to MacOS Mojave.

Another advantage for publishers is human curati. Just like Apple Music, Apple uses editors – not algorithms – to analyze the daily news messaging, accept pitches and communicate via Slack to select a top, some of which are forwarded in the form of device notificatis.

The recent increase in the number of Apple news is due to Facebook's evocati of the amount of ctent displayed in users' news feeds in respse to the increased criticism of & nb; fake news & # 39 ;, in Russia's interference in US electis and seemingly lax practices for data privacy. Facebook was the place to be for news broadcasts a few years ago, but traffic is no lger what used to be for many news and media companies.

Google, Twitter and Apple News were amg those outlets to see increases while Facebook stagnated, although Apple News has gathered a lot of media attenti, even if they can not earn much the platform. At least not yet.

Publicatis can currently embrace Apple News, but that could change if Apple does not find a way to help them generate revenue instead of just spreading their ctent.

Apple has invested heavily in the news platform over the past few years, examining possible methods for generating revenue and scooping up the subscripti service Texture, the last of which has yet to be completed in the News app.

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