Pro Tip: e-tap scroll back to the bottom of the camera roll

Never scroll up for your photos by mistake? Do not worry.
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  Pro Tip Worship of Mac bug Have you ever tapped at the top of the screen in your library Photos and have you found yourself looking at pictures from 2005? Did you slip something in the wrg directi and get stuck looking at pictures from years ago?

You probably sighed and you went back to the bottom of the list to get your latest pictures. Big bangs, just to show your iPhone your madness.

Well, after today, you will never need this again, because there is a shortcut to get back to the bottom of your Camera Photos.

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Are you ready for the soluti to the problem? Boredom # 1 in the Photos app? Are you ready to learn the secret shortcut that comes down to the bottom of the list after you accidentally went back to the beginning of the century? Here's

  • Press again. Tab Photos .

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