Pres. Trump can not block protesters from his Twitter feed

All the Pres. Trump's many tweets come from his trusty iPhone, and he's not hesitant to block people who use this social networking platform to respd to his comments.

Today, however, a federal judge ruled that preventing anye from accessing the President's Twitter thread cstitutes a violati of the First Amendment to the Cstituti.

Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, District Court South New York. York, ruled that Trump's Twitter account is a public forum. As such, no e can be prevented from participating.

Public not private

Years ago, his account @ realDaldTrump was ly for persal posts. But, as president, Trump frequently uses it to make official announcements. Rex Tillers learned that he had been fired from his positi as secretary of state by a tweet from this account, for example

A Twitter feed is the opini of more than e nobody because others can respd to tweets, and these answers are available for somee to see.

Essentially, Justice Buchwald ruled that Trump's comments and respses to it amount to a public forum. And it's currently a forum that praises the president without a hint of criticism because it blocks anye who posts a negative comment.

It is not clear exactly how many people have been stuck, but some celebrities are the list, including authors Steven King and Anne Rice, and actors Rosie O Dnell and Marina Sirtis.

Seven Twitter Users and the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University …

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