Practice: Alpine's HALO9 CarPlay / Android Auto Receiver Offers a Unique and Premium Experience

With regard to car infotainment systems, stock units are rarely good. For years, you had regular butts, butts and small screens to show you which radio or CD stati you were listening to. Quickly until today and businesses are building GPS in car radios, although the interface is never pretty, and they often feel difficult to navigate.

Alpine, an industry leader, has csistently produced solid car receivers, and has recently progressed play with better interfaces, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and more with its offers. The most recent head unit of Alpine, dubbed iLX-F309 HALO9, is e of the most beautiful I've ever had, with a 9-inch capacitive touch screen, a Built-in light sensor for dimming, a dedicated GPS antenna and more. This car radio has everything to please.

Apple Smart Keyboard

The most unique feature of HALO9 is to adapt to a car. The receivers are measured by DIN (German measurement) and you can have a single DIN, 1.5 DIN, or a double DIN. Most new cars have measurements of 1.5 or double DIN, but if you are in an older car, a single DIN is probably what you are stuck.

For a lg time, if you wanted a bigger screen in a car had a single DIN slot, you would need to use a mechanized head unit that would slide a screen and tilt it up, bring it back ce you have powered the car down. With so many moving parts, it was never a good idea.


Alpine changed this with the HALO9, making a single DIN mounting …

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