Potential UPS website error shows the delivery dates of iPhone XS that have been moved to Mday

This is not the news you want to see if you ordered your iPhone XS at 12:01 PM PST and expect it to arrive Friday. A number of new iPhone shipments processed via UPS show delivery dates that are returned to Mday, although the courier sometimes claims that the estimate is an error.

The problem seems to exist ly with orders sent via UPS instead of FedEx. A Twitter user said that UPS is a "custom issue"as the culprit for the supposed delay, while another said that the estimate is a website error.

AppleInsider the staff is e of many involved, with iPhone XS Max shipments that were initially ready to be delivered tomorrow, now that the delivery dates have changed in Mday.

It is cfusing that Apple's own order status page still shows delivery tomorrow, as opposed to UPS tracking information. This may be a problem with database synchrizati, but UPS customer service has reportedly respded to at least e troubled early adopter, with Mday's estimate of delivery incorrect.

According to a Twitter account, a UPS representative has listed the disinformation glitch in his system caused by the large number of iPhone shipments being processed. The buyer was assured that his order would arrive Friday as promised.

The ctradictory statements by UPS representatives and the different delivery terms mentied the UPS and Apple websites leave the customer in the thick of things. Until the suspected incorrect website is restored or an official cfirmati from Apple or UPS is received, it is unlikely for customers to find out if their respective shipments are actually postped until tomorrow.

The extent of the problem is unknown, although quite a few people go to Twitter to complain about the problem.

Frustrated users went Twitter – pitchforks in hand – and call UPS for the n-launching day deliveries they were expecting:

If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new phe, it might be a good time to check the tracking information.

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