Photos People: How to add a face Photos does not recognize

Photos Mac do a great job of selecting faces, and if you have browsed and categorized people you know, it's a handy feature for finding snapshots of your grand aunt Mabel (or whatever ) without having to scroll by date. But sometimes, Photos does not recognize that there is even a pers in an image that you have taken. In this case, you will have to manually add this image to the "Faces" album of a pers, but fortunately it is quite simple to do. For this, you will start with the uncategorized image.

  Image in which the face is not recognized in the photos  Mac

I can say that Photos does not recognize who is in the picture because when I click "I" ic in the toolbar to get information about the image …

… I find that there is no listed face.

  No face in the information window in the photos  the Mac

What I will do, Then click the butt "Add more faces" in this window of information. In doing so, I will place a circle "click to name" my image.

I'll drag this circle until it's around my friend's face, and if I have to, I can click and drag the little white dot to the side

  Positi it circle  the face in an image so that the photos  the Mac know it

When it is in positi, I will do as the circle suggests and click the box to name the pers. As I start typing, suggestis of my existing faces will appear and I can select the right e to identify the fun guy in the picture.

  Add a name to the circled area so that the photos  the Mac to

After assigning the correct face to the photo, returning to its information window will show me what I've de ! His face will appear there, and the image I just categorized will appear in his album "Faces", …

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