Photography experts behind the Halide Camera app explain iPhone XS developments, make the skin smoother, more

The popular camera app, Halide, has researched and tested the camera's in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. In short, they have discovered that the new camera's make a big difference with the previous generati of iPhone cameras.

Halide's team cfirms Apple's marketing that the new camera systems in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max put them in the new era of 'computatial photography & # 39; bring. It is less about the hardware and more about how the software benefits from the hardware.

In particular, with the going beauty filter Debacle, Halide says this is due to "better and more aggressive noise reducti and merged exposures that reduce sharpness by eliminating sharp light / dark ctrasts."

For the latter it is important to understand how our brains perceive sharpness and how artists can make things look sharper.

It does not work like those comical CSI shows where detectives scream & # 39; improve & # 39; a screen. You can not add details that have been lost. But you can fool your brain by adding small ctrast-rich areas.

Put simply, the iPhone XS combines exposures and reduces brightness in brighter areas and reduces darkness in shadows. All details are still there, but the human eye sees it as less sharp because of local ctrast.

According to Halide this also extends beyd skin tes. Photos with subjects in the dark – whether it is cats or wood grain – also receive this so-called flattening. Simply put, iPhone XS has a more aggressive noise reducti than previous models.

Halide believes that iPhone XS prefers higher ISO and shorter shutter speeds, resulting in faster photo 's, but higher noise.

To combat this, the new Smart HDR feature from iOS makes different photos and sews them together, achieving aggressive noise reducti. This also shows a loss in some detail and local ctrast.

This is most evident in selfies, where most are shot behind really hard lighting, like the sun. Selfies are no lger blown out, but your photos become smoother and less detailed.

Check out Halide's impressive and thorough tests here, as well as their iPhone app, available in the App Store for $ 6.

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