Philips Hue Wellner lamp with Apple HomeKit


Most of the time, smartbulbs are sold solo, asking you to use an existing lamp base or to buy your own. Philips being a major lighting supplier, they also have "all-in-e" optis, including e of the newest, Hue Wellner, compatible HomeKit.

  Philips Hue Wellner

"All-in-e" rightly in quotati marks. Although the Wellner comes with a combinable light dimmer that also comes with other Hue kits – it does not come with a Hue bridge, which is necessary for smarthome functis most people buy the product.

The lamp itself is not an integrated light, either. Instead, it comes with a standard Hue White Ambience bulb – screw it, turn it , and set it up with the iOS Hue app, and you could as well use any other Hue product. You can also exchange another light bulb, smart or otherwise if you wish.

That being said, Hue is virtually the "gold standard" in smarthome lighting, and the white ambience strikes a good middle between basic white bulbs and expensive es in color. It offers color temperatures alg the white spectrum, ranging from cold to warm, with a particular focus the time of day. In fact, the preset routines "Wake up" and "Go to sleep" of the Hue applicati have been created with the White Ambience in mind.

  Philips Hue iPhone Applicati

We will have more to say about the design of Wellner in our comprehensive review, but for now just say that everything is glass, intended to sit directly a table or desk like a Hershey's Kiss giant. For …

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