Petiti calls Apple to open access to UI SDKs iOS devices so developers can implement digital wellness tools

As Apple prepares to introduce iOS 12 at the Worldwide Developers Cference next Mday, a group known as Digital Wellness Warriors has launched a petiti asking Apple to allow third party developers to 39; make changes to the iOS interface and the user experience. enable applicatis to implement digital health functis to help users manage their digital well-being.

The petiti comes as rumors suggest that Apple is working the implementati of several native digital health features in iOS 12, but the scope and ctent of the digital health optis in the world are still around. Apple are not yet known.

The Digital Wellness Warriors are requesting an open iOS SDK that would transfer to wellness-related features available via third-party Android apps to iOS.

Several examples are listed in the petiti, including replacement screens that would provide "decluttering and dimming", an SMS autorespder, screen covers to "encourage users to adopt healthier behaviors. ", ctextual modes to limit access.

We are asking Apple to commit to open its SDK to developers to allow us to make the changes to the iOS interface and the user experience demanded by csumers.

In order to avoid the potential abuse of better access to APIs and permissis, we anticipate and welcome a strict approval process so that well-intentied developers can demstrate how their products will improve the process. well-being of iOS users.


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