Pentag kills sales of Huawei, ZTE devices US bases

T The US Department of Defense is the cusp of halting the retail sale of Huawei and ZTE smartphes US military bases, claiming that these devices could pose a risk to the United States. Security. US military bases have stopped selling Chinese-made devices, the Wall Street Journal reported. Pentag spokesman Major Dave Eastburn told the publicati that these devices "could pose an unacceptable risk to the staff, the information and the missi of the department."

"In the light of This information, "At present, the potential prohibiti appears to apply ly at sales outlets located US military bases." Defense Department persnel can theoretically still buy Huawei or ZTE devices from other vendors. However, Eastburn stated that the Pentag envisied a similar view at the military scale

. The blow is still a blow to Chinese manufacturers, especially to Huawei. Although being e of the largest OEMs in the world, the company is struggling to locate in the US

A potential deal with AT & T was abanded in beginning of the year, and Best Buy announced in March that it would stop selling its products. smartphes in its stores and line.

This is partly because of the US government's ccerns that its devices could be hacked by the Chinese government and used to spy its users. Another source WSJ who chose to remain anymous, a …

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