Orlando police test ctroversial facial recogniti system of Amaz

T The Orlando Police Department became the first US police stati to utilize the Rekogniti Facial Analysis and Face Recogniti services.

Rekogniti allows users to integrate image analysis and video time detecti capabilities. The system is equipped with object detecti, pers tracking, as well as the aforementied real-time facial recogniti.

Although the OPD was the first to use the real-time detecti capabilities of the systems, the tool was already partially used. least another agency. The Washingt County Sheriff's Office in Oreg used Rekogniti's facial recogniti ability to check the photographs of unidentified suspects against the county jail database

The use of Rekogniti by the OPD has already raised some ccerns amg activists. Civil Liberties Uni, which is currently asking Amaz to stop selling the facial recogniti tool to law enforcement agencies.

"With Rekogniti, a government can now build a system to automate the identificati and tracking of anye. If police cameras, for example, were equipped with face recogniti, the devices for transparency and accountability of the agents would turn into surveillance machines for the public, "said Matt Cagle, civil liberties technician and Nicole Ozer , director of civil liberties. for the ACLU ccerning Amaz & # 39; s …

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