Opini: James Comey's book offers an interesting ctext the Apple / FBI case

Yesterday I finished reading A Higher Loyalty the book written by former FBI director James Comey.

I managed to resist the temptati to move to juicy things and my patience was rewarded: a lot of what he says about his interactis with President Trump and his administrati are far more significant when we put them in the ctext of what comes before. Especially the ctrast with his relatiship – or lack thereof – with the Obama administrati

But that was the brief secti dealing with the infamous FBI battle with Apple that stood out …

NordVPN [19659005] Comey begins by Explaining the purpose by which he saw the whole questi of encrypti:

Before becoming director of the FBI, Edward Snowden, a ctractor of the Natial Security Agency, stole a huge amount of classified data about the activities of the NSA and then shared a very large amount of this data with the press. An obvious result of this robbery is that it has dealt a devastating blow to our country's ability to gather intelligence. Another result is that, in the year following its revelatis, bad actors around the world began transmitting their communicatis to devices protected by strg encrypti, thwarting government oversight, including the type of surveillance. authorized by the FBI. We have seen that the terrorist networks we have been watching for a lg time have become dark, which is scary.

He said that he was looking at Apple's point of view in the opini of somee who had spent a year looking at "our legal abilities diminish". 19659002] He wrote about the different points of view we discussed yesterday – a dark world view against a sun.

The gap between the FBI and companies like Apple can be explained largely by the way everye sees the world. and the limits of each of these perspectives. And, frankly, there is not much listening between the parties. Technological leaders do not see the darkness of the FBI …

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