Next year, say goodbye to 3D Touch

Somee loves it and others forget it. However, although I am ccerned about 3D touch, it is unlikely to become part of the 2019 iPhone model.

Another analyst said that there are tricks for this user interface in the 2018 model, because they said they would be the last e.

With the standard touch screen you can detect how strgly your finger is being pressed. With 3D touch, the screen has some degree of pressure sensitivity.

Since tech debuted the iPhone 6, it has appeared most iOS smartphes. However, this has never been made the iPad. It is not in the iPhone SE.

This means that the developer can not design the applicati around it. This might be wderful, but all interactis need to work devices that do not have 3D Touch.

3D touch death

Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis says that ne of the OLED iPhone models planned to be released in 2019 have 3D Touch. But the plan may change.

In the beginning of the year, the iPhone 6.1 inch LCD that debuted in September this year, which had not withdrawn KGI securities in 1990, there is no trick of this UI, but the OLED model is He said he will come up. Analysts predicted that ne of the next year's iOS devices will have it.

Why bye?

Ku showed that this is a cost saving way. It is said that Apple is transitiing to the CGS (Cover Glass Sensor) process. In other words, the touch sensor will not be integrated with the actual display, but it will be part of the cover that protects the underlying LCD.

The resulting display is lighter and more impact resistant than the current e. But they will also cost more. In order to offset this increase, the 3D touch sensor is omitted.

Source: MacRumors



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