More goes into Hey Heyi than you might think

Having your iPhone answer "Hey Siri" seems to be such a simple thing, but it's actually quite complicated. Recognizing this code phrase, and the pers who said it, is essential for Apple's voice recogniti system.

An article in Apple's Machine Learning Journal which has just been released today, describes the many challenges that developers have had to face. job.

e of the complicatis is that the recogniti of "Hey Siri" must be de the iPhone or the iPad. Most of Siri's speech recogniti is de by downloading the words of the user to a remote server, but this ly begins after the phrase "Hey Siri" has been recognized by the phe. Apple's commitment to privacy prevents the iPhone from sending everything it hears to a server.

Every phe and most Apple tablets since the iPhone 6s have a low-power, always-active processor that ctinually listens to the key phrase "Hey Siri". That's all that this chip does. This speech recogniti processor uses a neural network …

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