More emergency alerts arrive your iPhone

I If you are a mobile phe user residing in the United States, it is likely that you have received an "AMBER ALERT" alert your device. Whether to warn you of cauti with regard to extreme weather cditis or to mitor a suspicious vehicle the road, these alerts are a fundamental part of the interventi infrastructure. urgency of the country.

This week, the Federal Communicatis Commissi (FCC) announced that it would begin to roll out further enhancements to this infrastructure, aimed primarily at strengthening the emergency warning system (EAS) of the country. The updates fall within the broader framework of the agency to prevent "unexpected false alarms," ​​such as the highly circulated ballistic missile false alarm to Hawaii residents early in the day. l & # 39; year.

According to the official statement from the FCC the agency is trying to improve the efficiency of the EAS, while helping mobile phe users to become familiar with the system and its operati , ultimately helping in the event that you or your loved es are forced to respd to an active situati.

Essentially, "state officials and local authorities will now be able to cduct" live "tests that will use the same codes and alerting processes that would be needed in case of Emergency, " The Verge explains. "The idea is that officials will learn the system better while the public will get used to respding to alerts and knowing what to expect."

"Everye in the area will have a …

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