MIT developed a headset that can read your thoughts

R Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a device that can basically read your mind. At least, somehow.

The prototype, dubbed AlterEgo, was developed by a team from the MIT Media Lab. It's a portable headset that can actually understand and read the words you say in your head (your "inner voice"). And although it is not – technically – a reading of the mind, it happens as close as we have seen it.

AlterEgo relies a process called subvocalizati. Basically, when you say words in your head, your brain automatically sends signals to your mouth and your jaw. This results in extremely subtle neuromuscular movements. The device detects these signals with a suite of sixteen electrodes. Built-in A.I. He can then analyze these signals and match them to specific words.

In additi, the computer's device can then "answer you" via be cducti. This means, in theory, that you could have a cversati with a digital assistant who …

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