Mark Zuckerberg: “There Should be Regulatis Harmful Ctent” …But…

Mark Zuckerberg has cceded that there should be regulati of harmful ctent line (via Reuters). He also warned that the introducti of heavy EU’s strict rules could stifle the innovati (via Reuters).

Mark Zuckerberg Thinks that Facebook is Something Between an operator and a Log

Answer questis at the Cference of Munich Security, Mr Zuckerberg said that his company must be regulated somewhere between the way the telephe companies and newspapers are:

I think that there should be regulatis harmful ctent … there is a questi the framework that you use for this. Currently, there are two frameworks that I think that people have to existing industries – there are newspapers and existing media, and then there is the telco-type model, which is “the data that flows through you”, but you’re not going to hold an operator liable if somee says something harmful to a telephe line. In fact, I think we should be is somewhere between the two.

He also said that Facebook now employs 35 000 perss to cduct a review of the ctent. In additi, “our budget is larger today than the entire revenue of the company when we went public in 2012, when we had a billi users,” he said.

The Risk Of Stifling Innovati

However, Mr Zuckerberg has struck a more cautious note in a white paper published ahead of the EU meeting. He said that the introducti of laws which meant line, the companies are respsible for the illegal ctent and hate speech their platforms, “would stifle innovati and freedom of expressi.”

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