MagicScroll tablet cell phe rolls up to fit in your pocket

I forget the foldable display. A group of researchers in Canada made prototypes of tablets that can be rolled. MagicScroll is meant to show that the computer screen does not need to be flat.

The biggest challenge of today's mobile design is to put a bigger display in your pants' pocket. MagicScroll realizes it by rolling it up into a cylinder.

Dr. Director Vertegaal of Human Human Lab (HML) of Queen's University, Professor of Human Computer Interacti says, "I was inspired by the design of ancient scrolls, which allowed me to experience a more natural and uninterrupted visual timeline, according to the form, in a statement.

This is a closet and a subtle college student is not the ly e. HML has created Animoji, which Apple included with iPhone X.

I think MagicScroll is not flat

The MagicScroll prototype features a 7.5 inch touch screen with 2K resoluti. It is a flexible display that can be rotated or rewound around a central 3D printed cylindrical body including a processor, battery, etc.

The two wheels at the ends of the cylinder allow the user to scroll through the information the touch screen while the device is being rolled up. ce you find what you want to see, you can expand the display to act as a tablet.

"After all, our hope is to design the device to wrap around small objects like a pen that you put in your shirt's pocket," Dr Vertegaal says. "In a broader sense, the MagicScroll project also makes it possible to further deepen the idea that" the screen must be flat "and" something can be the screen ".

For clarity, this is a proof of the ccept. It is not something that Dr. Vertegal and his team are going to turn into a shipping product.

But Samsung and other companies are …



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