Magical Hogwarts Mystery Rakes $ 40 Milli and Counts

An RPG game in the Harry Potter universe is a huge hit. Mysterious Hogwarts ly started two mths ago and has already made $ 40 milli to its developers.

There are two reass for this success. The evidence is that it is Harry Potter. Duh. But the other is that this game so often asks for in-app purchases that it has aroused sharp criticism.

J.K's license fees Rowling's characters were almost certainly quite high. And Apple takes in 30 percent of all App Store purchases. So how much profit did Jam City make Hogwarts Mystery is itself a mystery.

To compare with this figure of $ 40 milli, the classic game Mument Valley made $ 14 milli in the first two years in which it was available. At the other end of the spectrum, the iOS versi of Fortnite ale has yielded $ 100 milli since the game's launch a few mths ago.

Incidentally, the income of Hogwarts Mystery comes from both iOS and Android integrated purchases. About 58% of them come from iPhone / iPad users, according to the Sensor Tower market analysis company.

To Learn More About Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter does not appear in the Hogwarts Mystery . It's settled after He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has had his first defeat, but while Harry, Hermie and R are still babies. The idea is that you will defeat the forces of evil, not that Harry will solve your problems.

After customizing their character, players start at the wizarding school. The gameplay is focused social interactis with …

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