macOS: increase the life of your Mac battery with Tamer applicati

Tamer App automatically pauses applicatis to make CPU usage more efficient and increase the battery life of your Mac. Some applicatis run background jobs, even if they are inactive. macOS does this with App Nap, but ly when an applicati window is covered by another window.  Tamer App Screen Capture to Increase the Life of Your Mac Battery

[ How to Mitor Which Applicatis Are Energy Hogs in OS X Mavericks ] [19659003] Tamer App

In additi to taming apps, Tamer App can also increase the speed of your Time Machine backups. It removes the CPU restricti so that all your CPU resources are dedicated to Time Machine.

You can also tame the apps manually, and that's where App Tamer is different from Nap's App. You can click the ic of the menu bar of the applicati, click the applicati that uses a lot of CPU and stop or slow down the applicati.

It displays the history of CPU usage in a graph. the percentages used and saved. You can try Tamer App for free for 15 days, and buy it for $ 14.95 US.

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