macOS 10.14 2018 release date, features and specificatis

Craig Federighi, Apple's software director, told employees at a company meeting in January 2018 that Apple is focusing improvements in the security and performance of macOS and iOS in 2018. Therefore, there will be fewer major changes The previous is focused running iOS applicatis the Mac as part of a project whose code name is Marzipan.

Other than that, we do not know much about what Apple could add to the next versi of macOS. And we certainly do not know how it will be called, other than macOS 10.14. But here's what we expect and when we expect to see it

What will Apple call the next versi of macOS?

Ctinuity would suggest that Apple will call the next versi of Mac operating system macOS 10.14. However, there are some additial optis. It may eventually decide that it's time to move from macOS TEN (or Mac OS X to die-hards) altogether and move to MacOS 11.

Of course, if it was to do that MacOS 11 would be out of step with iOS 12, so this may seem less advanced.

With this in mind, another possibility is that the next versi of macOS could mark the first steps towards the amalgamati of iOS and macOS, with a more unified naming cventi for both operating systems . We will look at this possibility below.

Of course, it's not all about numbers. Apple has for many years chosen a name to represent the Mac operating system. Initially, generatis of Mac OS X have taken the names of big cats, Leopard, Jaguar, Li. In recent years, the names of choice were based popular sites in California. We have this article which lists some potential sites in California for which the following macOS could be named

macOS 10.14 versi date

We expect to see the first demstrati of Apple's new operating system Mac to WWDC in June 2018. [19659002] Then, it is likely that the new software will be available for download in September or October of this year

New features of macOS 10.14

As we have mentied above, the main focus of Apple in the versi … [19659013]

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