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Apple's MacOS operating system for Mac and MacBooks regularly receives security enhancements and patches, but ce a year, the company announces something more meaningful: a bet Full update (free) with new features and design changes. "really useful update" of macOS 10.13 High Sierra in 2017, what to expect from macOS 10.14 in the summer of 2018? The sources point to a new dark mode, faster unlocking features and a host of improvements in terms of security and performance. Curiously, an upcoming "merge" of macOS and iOS applicatis is planned as part of a project whose code name is Marzipan, although the latest report suggests that this radical step could be abanded until the end of the year. in 2019.

Ctinue reading the latest news and rumors about the release date, new features and system requirements we expect from macOS 10.14 in 2018.

What is it? Apple will call the next versi of macOS?

Logic and past behavior suggest that Apple will call the next versi of the mac OS operating system 10.14. However, there are some additial optis. It is possible to decide, for example, that it's time to move from macOS Ten (or Mac OS X to die-hards), and finally go to macOS 11.

Of course, if the company had to do it, macOS 11 would be released at the same time as iOS 12 and tvOS 12, which is not very clear and could make Mac's offer less advanced. (If Apple had to do it, the good moment was 2017, when it released iOS 11 and tvOS 11!)

In this spirit, another possibility is that the next versi of macOS could mark the first steps towards the merger of IOS and macOS, with a more unified naming cventi for both operating systems. We will look at this possibility below.

Of course, it's not all about numbers. Apple has for many years chosen a name to represent the Mac operating system. The first generatis of Mac OS X took the names of big cats: Leopard, Jaguar, Li. In recent years, the names of choice were based popular sites in California. We have a separate article that lists some potential sites in California that the next update of macOS could be named

macOS 10.14 release date

We plan to see Apple's first demo of the new system. Mac OS at WWDC in June 2018. It is therefore likely that the new software will be available for download in September or October of the same year.

New features of macOS 10.14

In the next versi of the Mac operating system, Apple will focus the security and performance improvements, but that does not mean that there is not Meme it will not have any new interesting features. This is what we are waiting for.

The & # 39; fusi & # 39; macOS / iOS

Axios claimed that you will be able to launch iPad applicatis macOS 10.14 when it will be launched in the fall, as part of a secret project of Apple. However, a new report casts doubt the completi of the project in time for the 2018 updates.

The first menti of this project dates from December 2017 when Bloomberg wrote that Apple planned to combine iPhone, iPad and Mac applicatis. This is part of a secret project known ly as "marzipan". (This seems to have been a very early code-name that is no lger used, but the current name has not been published publicly.)

According to Bloomberg sources, "Developers will be able to design a single applicati that works with a touch screen or mouse and trackpad depending whether it works the iPhone or iPad operating system or Mac. "

By unifying the development of the applicati, it was hoped that third-party Mac applicatis would be updated more frequently. Currently, most development funds go to iOS apps.

But a report from John Gruber of Daring Fireball at the end of April 2018 throws cold water Marzipan's prospects for success in 2018. Basing his comments "first and secd," says Gruber, "It is almost certain that this project will not begin at WWDC 2018 in June, and [doubts] 2018 was the table in December 2019, for MacOS 10.15 and iOS 13." 19659013] Tim Cook and "Grid bread-refrigerator "

Regardless of the timing, it should be mentied that the ccept seems to ctradict some comments from Apple regarding the running of the same operating system devices with a different purpose. Cook has already described a merged operating system as being a fridge-toaster, which suggests that Apple would never follow this path.

Indeed, since the rumor, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook canceled the idea to unify macOS with i OS as part of the "Marzipan" project, reaffirming its belief that mobile devices and computers should remain separate with their own operating systems.

Speaking at the Sydney Morning Herald, Cook said, "We do not believe in Both [The Mac and iPad] are incredible, e of the reass they are incredible, is because we have them pushed to do what they do well, and if you start to merge the two … start making compromises and compromises.

"So maybe the company would be more efficient in Ultimately. But this is not what it is about. You know that it's about giving people things that they can then use to help them change the world or express their passi or express their creativity. So, this fusi that some are obsessed, I do not think that's what users want. "

However, with Google working an operating system called Fuchsia OS, in which Android and Chrome OS will be merged, Apple's risk If we make a mistake, what are people want? [19659002] Rather than a full-fledged merger, we expect to see the best of iOS coming macOS, and the best macOS coming iOS. 19659002] For example, there are some cool features l & # 39; iPad, such as the operati of Split View, which would be welcome the Mac


The multitouch can not be implemented in terms of screen because Apple n & rsquo; Offers no touch negative screens (and it is unlikely that they will be in the near future). However, Apple offers the multi-touch trackpad its MacBooks, which could enable many multi-touch style features.

UXPlanet has some good examples of how this fusi of operating systems might work. He admits that the new combined operating system would simply need to support both x86 and ARM.

We would also like to see the applicati News and TV applicati Mac

Wake up and unlock faster

that Apple is looking to improve in macOS 10.14 wakes up and unlocks.

According to the report of Axios mentied above, Apple wants to improve performance when waking up and unlocking the system.


Apple came under fire for problems with bugs and vulnerabilities in MacOS High Sierra (and iOS 11). As a result, the company puts a special emphasis security issues and performance in the next versi of macOS

New iTunes

The applicati that requires the most work in our opini is iTunes and we think that Apple is recording for the next versi of macOS and iOS. In fact, we think that Apple has a lot to do regarding iTunes, which we think is not just a redesign, a complete overhaul.

We believe that the new iTunes will offer a music and movie subscripti service. More information here

Dark mode

A new code in WebKit suggests that macOS 10.14 will get a dark mode at system scale. This particular code will tailor the rendering of a website in respse to Dark Mode settings.

A dark mode is not new in macOS because it is available from El Capitan, note 9to5Mac, but it will bring Dark Mode to all applicatis,

Currently dark mode adjusts the color of the menu bar and dock, but little else. The translucent background of the Dock becomes darker, the scrolling scroll of the menu bar is darker (though still translucent).

However, not all third-party applicatis support the dark menu bar, and even some Apple applicatis, such as Safari, have 39, a translucent sidebar. Learn more about Dark Mode the Mac here.

Currently, developers must opt ​​for the Dark mode and their applicatis will not have the same translucent effect their menus. The code suggests that dark mode will be applied to the system scale at the request of the user.

64-bit applicatis

High Sierra was the latest versi of macOS to support 32-bit applicatis. Apple announced in the summer of 2017 that applicatis in 10.14 would be in 64 bits.

In fact "The new applicatis submitted to the Mac App Store must support 64-bit starting January 2018, and Mac and existing applicati updates need 64-bit starting June 2018," Apple says its developer website

This will require applicati developers to switch to 64-bit, which is good news if developers can provide better software and use more than 4GB In preparati for this move, Apple began to show a warning in High Sierra 10.13 that indicates that an applicati is not optimized for your Mac if it is in 32 bits, find out more about what the warning means here. [19659046] System Requirements

The fact that the next versi of macOS does not support 32-bit applicatis also suggests that there may be a few more Macs that are not supported.

Another index the Macs might not not be supported is the metal. Macs that do not have Metal support could be removed after High Sierra.

This could leave ly the following Macs:

This seems unlikely so quickly. We therefore think that it is more likely that the following Macs will be supported

You'll notice what the latter opti means – more Mac Pro Cheese Rasp. Apple should hurry up and launch its successor Mac Pro

UXplanet Ccept Pictures

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