Loss of data from the United Natis leads to the leakage of passwords and other data

It seems that the U.N. can join the list of hacked companies and organizatis. The data breach of the United Natis leaked passwords and other sensitive data to the whole Internet (via The intercepti).

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Breakthrough of the United Natis

It appears that the U.N uses miscfigured apps such as Trello, Jira and Google Docs. Security researcher Kushagra Pathak found the breach about a mth ago and brought the U.N. informed in a chat with The intercepti Pathak says that he has found the violati by searching Google, making Trello pages public.

Some Trello cards ctain links to Jira pages, an app for tracking problems, and Google Docs, some of which had readable passwords. Mr. Pathak is a bit of a specialist when it comes to public Trello plates, so it's not uncomm for him to find something like that.

After the U.N. the exposed informati had been removed, said spokesman Florencia Soto Nino-Martinez in an e-mail The intercepti:

Some of the boards mentied have communicati material that is not sensitive, while some have outdated informati. However, we look at all the signs in the list to ensure that no passwords or credentials are shared via this medium. We take security very seriously and have ctacted all employees to point out the risks of using an external platform to share ctent and to take the necessary precautis to ensure that no sensitive ctent is publicly available .

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