Linksys Velop Dualband Routers Provide Affordable Mesh Networking Soluti

Mesh routers are the new trend in wireless networking, although they tend to be expensive. We took the new Linksys Velop dual-band Wi-Fi system for a test to see how it worked, and compared it to the popular tri-band versi.

Linksys Belkin recently launched an updated, more affordable versi of their popular Velop mesh routers. In additi to being extremely competent routers, Velop is the first n-Apple router to be sold in the Apple Store, which cfers credibility.

When we reviewed Velop's original cfigurati, the highest price was with that. Linksys has come a lg way to alleviate this ccern with the new entry-level model


  Linksys Velop AC3900

As the largest, it is available in solo, or in multi-packs units. Each individual node is just six inches in size and is reminiscent of Apple's abanded AirPort routers in a more modern, square design.

the top, next to a series of small circular openings, is a status light that assists the installati process, and is a quick way to discern the speaker. state of each node at a glance. After setup, a blue light indicates that it is cnected to the Internet, red means no internet access, red flashing means out of range, and yellow means a weak cnecti.

  Velop Ethernet Ports

The power switch and a reset butt are located the underside, and should not need to be accessed often. Both Ethernet ports and the power input are located at the back. ly a LAN port is limiting, almost …

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