Let's get it with iPhe XS Max, XR, XS, Apple Watch Series 4

Apple announced the proliferati of new devices including three iPhe models and Apple Watches pair. The theme of these announcements can be said to be "better the better."

Neither product is available yet, just reporters will try it immediately. Early, there is csensus each of the new devices.

iPhe XS and iPhe XS Max

Since iPhe XS is a speed-up versi of iPhe X last year, everye was ccentrating XS Max, Apple's largest smartphe ever released.

From Dieter Born anger "IPhe XS Max is growing, but it is almost impossible to distinguish between the two when watching photos.I always felt that plus size iPhe would not work, Max is a subtle way It is ergomic in it.

Chris Velazco Engadget "IPhe Xs Max is the most excessive use of smartphes, Apple is the closest thing so far, even if it is ly a handful, it is somewhat discreet, but it is truly crazy. It's amazingly light, almost shocking.

Pete Pachal Mashable i agree. "It is impressively light," he said. "Brushing a mobile phe is not awkward, there is nothing more annoying than other large mobile phes, portability is comparable to the iPhe Plus model.

However, EngadgetVelazco is not sold large models. "The ly reas to drop the extra $ 100, perhaps except for the battery's lifetime, is that it wants a larger screen.

angerMr. Bohn was quite positive about e of the new camera features. "This year's most impressive demstrati is a new portrait mode feature that allows you to adjust blurring after shooting."

iPhe XR

The device that is drawing attenti as Apple's new giant is the iPhe …



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