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Learning a musical instrument is difficult. Really hard. It takes a lot of time to do something that looks like music, and yet people put themselves in the lg hours and work hard to become great at the chosen instrument.

There is no way to practice, but there are some. Many things you can do to make the practice easier, more effective and more fun, and all you need is there your iPhone or iPad.

Get a Teacher

That may not excite you, but a good teacher is a solid gold accelerator to learn an instrument. They will help you structure your learning, tell you what to do and identify where you need more work. It is also much easier to learn complicated ccepts head-to-head, by an experienced teacher, than to learn them even from the best YouTube video because you can not ask video questis.


YouTube, great for learning things and that.
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Speaking of YouTube, it's an amazing resource. You can find almost any sg, and you can probably also find somee who shows you how to play this sg. The biggest advantage of YouTube is that you can slow down the video and watch it again and again. I use a slow app to repeat sentences over and over, slowly, until I've learned them, and then gradually increase the speed while I play the game.

To get the most out of YouTube, you can cnect your iPad to a Bluetooth keyboard so you can use the excellent iOS 11 video playback shortcuts to play, pause, and skip the video for 15 secds. , just press the keys.

You can also use my YouTube download tip to store these videos locally and use them in the video applicati of your choice.

Slow-downer apps

  All AudioStretch audio transcripti tools work for All AudioStretch audio tools also work for video.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

The best way to learn a new sg is to listen and do it yourself. This is what is called transcripti, and it creates so much musical skill that it is an essential part of your game. It helps you develop an ear for intervals and rhythm, and also how to relate what you hear to what you play. It is also difficult, especially in the beginning, when it seems almost impossible.

Fortunately, help is at your fingertips. There are several applicatis that allow you to slow down the music tracks without changing their pitch, so you can separate them e note at a time. Usually, these applicatis also allow you to loop a secti over and over again. I like Capo Touch, which has a lot of features, but an ever more difficult user interface that is hard to navigate.

More recently, I've used AudioStretch, which is much more fluid and intuitive to use, and can also play video. I upload YouTube videos using my workflow mentied above, then save them to my iCloud or locally to my iPad and open them in AudioStretch. It's a lot easier than trying to do the same thing with a vinyl record.

Price: Free

Download: AudioStretch Lite from the App Store (iOS

Price: 9, $ 99

Download: AudioStretch from the App Store (iOS)

Price: $ 10

Buy From the App Store: Capo Touch

Metrome or Battery

  The tempo is so easy that you I want to use it all the time. The tempo is so easy that you will want to use it all the time.

Part of the music is to keep the time. train ale and sound good, but as so as they play in a group, they discover that their timing is far away.You should practice at least a part of the time, then, with a metrome.I use T empo, for iPhone and iPad, because it's easy to use, but full of crazy advanced features if you need them. It's also e of the most beautiful metrome apps

A metrome, that's fine, but it's a lot more fun to play with a drummer. In this way, even practicing scales, it's like playing music. The best way I've found to get a fast battery track is to use GarageBand's Drummer. It's a virtual drummer that can play at any speed and in any style. The good news is that GarageBand is free, and you can already have it your iPhone or iPad.

Price : $ 2.99

Download : Tempo since the beginning. App Store (iOS)

Price : Free

Download : Tempo Lite from the App Store (iOS)

PDF Applicati

L & # The App Store ctains many specialized music notati apps. There are applicatis that allow you to turn the pages of your score with a Bluetooth pedal, and applicatis that allow you to write this score with an Apple pencil. But I found that I always came back to PDF applicatis.

Why? Because most of the line music is provided in PDF format, and if you scan your own from paper (for example, from your teacher), PDF files are easy to create. You can also tag a PDF in any applicati that you like, including the Notes applicati built into your iPhone and iPad, and even the native app.

  PDF files are a great way to keep and display music. "2000" height = "970 PDF files are a great way to preserve and display music.

Actually, my favorite markup tool is All you need to do is start scribbling a PDF file with the Apple pencil, and you already mark it.There is no mode to change.Keep your PDFs in iCloud Drive means also that they are accessible to all applicatis, iOS or Mac, and looking for the Files applicati makes it easy to find things. And think about tags. Tags can organize files Mac and iOS without having to place them in specific folders.For example, I have a label called In Progress that I use to mark everything I'm learning / working . This gives me a place to search for videos, PDFs, music tracks that, etc., but leaves all those files in their original positi.

Currently, I use PDF Viewer because it uses the native file viewer to navigate. manipulate PDF files, and added great features. Free download

Price : Free

Download : PDF Viewer from the App Store (iOS)

Chord app [19659034]   ]Agreement! is full of everything you need, but also beautiful. "width =" 400 "height =" 768 Agreement! is full of everything you need, but also beautiful.

Agreements and scales. There is no way to escape from them in music, any more than you can ignore grammar and spelling while writing. So, do yourself a favor and take a good dictiary. The best chords and scale for iOS are Chord !, and Guitar Gravitas. Either e of them will be priceless for any musician, beginner or former. Just about every time I think I need to search for an agreement or query related to the scale Google, I find the answer in e of these applicatis.

Price : $ 4.99

Download : Agreement! in the App Store (iOS)

Price : $ 5.99

Download : Gravitas Guitar the App Store (iOS) [19659005] Recording Applicati

Just as without practice a metrome means that you keep a terrible time, practicing without ever listening to you is another way of disaster. As you play, you are often so caught up in the act that you can not listen to yourself objectively.

In additi, you can find sg ideas and need a place to write them down. A pocket recorder app is ideal for this. You can use built-in voice notes your iPhone, but I prefer Just Press Record, e of the many music memo apps for iOS. It has a 3D touchscreen shortcut to start a recording from the Home screen, and it saves all your recordings in a folder in iCloud Drive.

Price : $ 4.99

Download : Just Press Record from the App Store (iOS)


A looper is a device or an applicati that allows you to read a sentence and then repeat it, looping it again and again. You can record a chord progressi or an accompaniment track and play with it. Loopers are incredible practice tools, and can also be used for performance, by building layers of a sg.

There are applicatis that make loops, like Loopy HD or the beautiful Looperverse abandware. . If you play an instrument, however, you will need your hands to play, so some kind of hardware pedal will be needed to trigger the looper. Guitar players can choose from a different zilli looper pedals. In fact, and the electric instrument can be sent through a looper pedal. The TC Electric Ditto is a good place to start. I have used it for years. It's simple, it sounds exactly as good as the signal it's recording, and it's hard enough to use at ccerts

Buy it from: Amaz – $ 91.99

For Anything the world, you can csider specialized hardware, or a looper app combined with a foot ctroller. The cfigurati is much more complex, but the functiality of software loopers are often more impressive, so it's a compromise.

Practice makes perfect

Armed with these gadgets and applicatis, you have a good chance of learning to play guitar, or other instrument of choice. If you are a complete beginner, there is a little advice that I will pass . Stay with. Most people who start learning an instrument quickly become disillusied. The gain is very slow to come. You will look terrible for a moment. So give yourself some time to suck.

Give yourself three mths, say, and do not give up before that. And be sure to play every day, even if it's just playing the guitar. You will still look terrible, but you will improve enough in three mths to play sgs all alg. And ce you get the bug, you'll be there for life.

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