Larry Tesler, former Apple Chief Scientist and creator of copy-and-paste, pass

Larry Tesler, a former Xerox PARC engineer who joined Apple in 1980 and became the company’s chief scientist, has died at the age of 74 years. It was e of the engineers who have demstrated PARK of the graphical user interface and mouse for Steve Jobs, and that has led to the creati of the LISA and Macintosh.

Tesler has been a key figure in both of the computing ccepts we now take for granted. The first, developed with colleagues at PARC colleague Tim Mott, was copy, cut and paste …

While it was possible to delete or move the text blocks in earlier treatments of the texts, it was Tesler and Mott, who came up with the copy/cut and paste approach, which makes it a simple graph of the task.

Tesler has also been a key advocate for the “n-modal it” – something that seems absolutely obvious now, but which was new at the time. It was the idea that the same actis of the user (mouse movements and keyboard shortcuts, and so ) would always have the same result. At the time, it was comm for the same actis to do different things in different applicatis. In fact, the same combinatis of keys can do different things in the same applicati, depending the “mode” it was in.

Tesler said that the “mode” ccept ” is cfusing and should be abanded, so that the same actis the user would still be able to do the same thing.

His CV says he ” built and managed teams of up to 200 technologists and designers that ctributed to such innovative products as Lisa, Macintosh, Color QuickDraw, QuickTime, AppleScript, HyperCard and Newt.’

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