Kantar: The iPhone X is outperformed by the iPhone 8 + 8 Plus handset, Apple is growing rapidly in China

After the release of Apple's results yesterday, Kantar came out with its latest data for the quarter ending in March 2018. Kantar's data offers an interesting perspective how Apple's numbers are for the quarter are comparable to other manufacturers. For the quarter, Apple's share in smartphe sales in the United States remained stable compared with last year, rising from 59% to 59.1%. In China, however, Apple has accelerated at a brisk pace this time around.

According to Kantar, the iPhone X was the best-selling iPhone in urban China, increasing Apple's share of 22.1% in quarterly sales. These data echo the same sentiments as Tim Cook's at the Apple Income Call, as we noted earlier.

a larger scale, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus have sold more than the iPhone X. Surprise to see that it's a combinati of two different models . Kantar predicts that this can be attributed to the first applicati of the iPhone X and users gravitate towards the iPhone 8 at low prices:

In the United States and the top five European markets, Apple iPhone 8 sold in slightly larger numbers than the flagship iPhone X, indicating that as so as the demand for the iPhone X is met the price difference between the two devices plays a significant role in csumer choices.

Tim Cook boasted yesterday that the iPhone X was the best-selling iPhone model every quarter, but Kantar's data indicates that it was not able to overtake the iPhone. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus when they are combined. Cook tried to dispel speculati about the iPhone's bad sales several times during the call, calling the device "beloved."

The full versi of Kantar can be seen below. What do you make of the speculati that the iPhone X has not been as successful as Apple could have hoped? Let us know in the comments!

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Xiaomi aims at Europe

The latest smartphe OS data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reveals that in the three mths ending March In 2018, competiti within Android ctinues to intensify as Huawei and Xiaomi expand their global presence. Meanwhile, the share of iOS has remained the five major markets in Europe and the United States, in ctrast to ctinued growth in urban China

Dominic Sunnebo, Global Director for Kantar Worldpanel ComTech comments ] "With the entry of Huawei into the US market effectively blocked by the government, the company has increased the attenti and the While the Huawei P20 flagship is well-screened and not published until April, the results are already visible.Huawei has significantly increased its presence in the five major European markets and now holds close to of a fifth of sales over the three mths to March 2018 – 19.0%, up from 14.4% a year earlier.The most encouraging signs for Huawei are the signs of progress in Britain, with a share of 5.9% .It must cquer this market s & # He wants to realize his ambiti to become a premium choice for csumers.

The top three brands in the five major European markets, Samsung, Apple and Huawei, accounted for 71% of smartphe sales in the last quarter, but newcomer Xiaomi quietly took fourth place, with a share of 4 This is all the more impressive as the growth comes mainly from two markets, Spain and Italy.

Dominic Sunnebo ctinues, "In spite of To be a household name in China and India, Xiaomi paid attenti to Europe late, though it quickly proved to be a worthy oppent. In Asia, Xiaomi's business model is focused the Internet, and while this remains an important factor in its European model, it is local partnerships with key players such as Media Markt, Media World and Carrefour that have given it allowed to accelerate its sales. "

In the United States, Apple and Samsung managed to increase their gains from e year to the next, up 0.1% and 1.4% respectively. Google has reached its share of the highest quarterly business revenue of 3.4%, up from 1.7% a year earlier, thanks to the success of its Pixel line. ZTE, also under pressure from the US government, saw its share of sales drop to 2.5% in the last quarter.

In the United States and in the top five European markets, the Apple iPhone 8 was selling slightly better than the iPhone X flagship, indicating that the initial demand for the iPhone X is satisfied, the price difference between the two devices plays a significant role in csumer choices. In urban China, the iPhone X ctinues to be not ly the most powerful model of Apple, but also the best-selling model the market, helping Apple to increase sharply to 22, 1%.

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