James Comey is not a fan of iPhone encrypti

James Comey is a ctroversial figure. His new book shows that he is strgly opposed to Dald Trump, but he may have also helped Trump become president. And the former director of the FBI opposes encrypti that protects the privacy of iPhone users.

The Comey Book, A Higher Loyalty states that Apple's decisi to encrypt iOS device ctent by default I'm crazy. "

Apple is taking a firm stance protecting the privacy of its users, which makes sense because identity theft cost Americans $ 16 billi in 2016.

But law enforcement agencies see things differently.They think it's imperative that they be able to access the ctents of every phe involved in a crime.

And James Comey is all about As he said in his book, "I found it appalling that technology types could not see that." I often joked with the FBI team "Going Dark" tasked with looking for solutis: "Of course, the guys in Silic Valley do not see the darkness, they live where the weather is nice …

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