It is illegal to leave Apple from the list of the most creative companies

New research is trying to determine which company is most creative. The method used is particularly ctroversial, while Apple is returning to number 11, with the main rival Samsung being secd.

Apart from the questi about the methodology, the result reflects the attitude that many people are more innovative which of these two competitors. This is a very different result of how the two companies design products. That is a bit unfair for Apple.

OK, let me touch the methodology

"Innovati of the world" research was cducted by Kempler Industries. This is the number that the company, the country, the regi acquired the most patents. According to this method, IBM is the most creative company because it acquired the most patents in 2017.

However, "creativity" is an eerie word. It is difficult to decide what is not creative and impossible. Another pers can easily judge the idea that e thinks it is creative.

In the Patent Office, it can not be solved simply by counting the number of patents of a company. good. They are ly new. And, in reality, this government agency is overwhelmingly overwhelming, it is a budget that is not going so well.

Apple creativity vs. Samsung

As mentied earlier, according to Kempler's survey, Samsung is the secd most creative company in the world, Apple is ranked 11th. This reflects the idea of ​​many Samsung fans pointing out that their galaxy mobile phes frequently have features before they appear their iPhone.

This attitude does not take Apple's design philosophy into account. The company is not trying to release a device with a new functi in frt of a rival. Its goal is to make the best device …



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