Is the radiati of smartphes and routers really dangerous?

T Here's a good chance at the moment, you're not too far from a router Wi-Fi – or a smartphe. These devices, of course, emit radiati. But are they really dangerous?

The jury is still out, but many studies and health advice could blow risks out of proporti, Mike Wuerthele of AppleInsider argued in a report Mday. To be clear, wireless devices do emit radio frequencies and electromagnetic radiati. This type of radiati may slightly increase the risk of cancer or tumor growth. At sufficiently high levels, this radiati may cause tissue damage such as skin burns.

But the levels required for these types of risks are much, much higher than the levels emitted by smartphes or wireless routers. Health authorities around the world have already instituted safety standards for all wireless devices – from microwaves to smartphes.

What Experts Say

John Moulder, Professor of Radiati cology at the Medical College of Wiscsin TIME in 2016 that "the exposure you get from your Wi-Fi router is orders and orders of magnitude below these safety limits. "

The World Health Organizati tells a similar story there is "no cvincing scientific evidence that weak RF signals from base statis and wireless networks cause adverse health effects.

To be fair, some people might be particularly sensitive to this type of electromagnetic radiati. They …

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