iPhes Are Very Expensive These Days and Will Get More So

Last year, Apple announced iPhone X starting at $ 999. This caused a very nod, but the customer sold Apple's best iPhone. This trend will not change.

iphe x frt back

Apple is full of features and appeal of iPhone X.

If Apple could create a truly wderful, finely crafted, secure iPhone for many years and demstrate that the customer is very happy, they are likely to ctinue the product High. In the future I have cfidence and cfidence.

This happens with other kinds of products, especially cars and pickup trucks. If the product is satisfied, the customer tends to be faithful and the service is excellent. Although car prices tend to rise slightly each year, The customer csiders this to be the cost of staying in favorable products.

Occasially, you may find articles suggesting that Apple is suffering in the lg run, suggesting that over $ 1,000 is too much for smartphes. I am seeing the reality of the market as a wishful thought, not a sharp insight.

This week I have seen several cvincing analyzes that the future seems good for Apple's iPhone but negative analysis has a more emotial and self-centered tendency.

Upgrade intenti

LoupVentures' Gene Munster and Will Thomps actually asked potential customers about their plan. "The intenti of the iPhone in the upgrade suggests a slight rise in the street number." The main findings are as follows.

  • This surprisingly surprisingly high upgrade intenti suggests 48% of the current iPhone owner, which shows the intenti to upgrade to the new iPhone next year compared to last year's 25% in June.
  • Since this 48% is an outlier, there is an intenti that the intenti to buy and the actual purchase cversi will change from cycle to cycle, but despite this, the investigati is scheduled in the future



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