iPhone XS Max includes the View zoomability feature, unlike iPhone X and XS

A difference between iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is Display Zoom, an accessibility feature that makes ctent the screen appear larger than the standard resoluti. This was introduced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but was mainly absent iPhone X. The display functi is still absent iPhone XS, but the larger iPhone XS Max versi restores it.

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Zoom view can be enabled in the Settings app under Brightness and display of the screen. By default, more ctent appears the screen and zoomed shows larger ctrols for ctent. Show zoom makes elements the screen more readable with larger tap targets. All modern iPhones support the adjustment of the text size where dynamic text is supported.

Dynamic Zoom showed a dramatic difference iPhone 6 Plus and other 5.5-inch phes, but was less subtle iPhone 6 and other 4.7-inch phes. That's because Display Zoom presented a versi of the operating system, designed for much smaller screens, but scaled up. The effect was the same as an app designed for a 4-inch phe like the iPhone 5 a larger screen without support for full resoluti.

iPhone X and iPhone XS have a larger 5.8-inch display, but a different aspect ratio than iPhone 5 and iPhone 6-style phes. For this reas, there are no smaller versis of apps that can scale up easily for Mitor zoom.

iPhone XS Max iPhone XR

iPhone XS Max has a larger 6.5-inch screen and the same aspect ratio of iPhone X, so apps designed for iPhone X and iPhone XS can be scaled up in Display zoom iPhone XS Max.

This probably means that Display Zoom is also displayed iPhone XR. It features a larger 6.1-inch screen with the same aspect ratio as the iPhone X (and the same practical resoluti as the iPhone XS Max, ly 2x instead of 3x).

The Display Zoom effect is visually less dramatic iPhone XS Max (and probably iPhone XR), but the jump from 4-inch screens to 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens is more dramatic than 5.8-inch screens 6.1-inch screens and 6.5-inch.


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