iPhone slowdown lawsuits ordered to be centralized in the Northern California District Court

Apple's legal battle against dozens of class acti lawsuits for slowing the iPhone will take place in an audience room near its headquarters.

The US Judicial Panel Multi-Jurisdicti Litigati revealed today that it has ordered [PDF] that all lawsuits for slowing down the iPhone be transferred to the Northern California District Court. and, with the csent of that court, assigned to the Horable Judge Edward J. Davila for the csolidated preliminary proceedings.

More than half of the 61 trials – and this was the case – were filed in the Northern District of California to begin. Centralizati of other complaints filed in other states should help streamline the judicial process.

An excerpt from the order:

These actis share factual issues arising from allegatis that Apple included code in its mobile operating system (iOS) updates that significantly reduced the performance of Older iPhones. The plaintiffs also allege that Apple misrepresented the nature of the iOS updates and did not …

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