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With the iPhone SE positied as a new device in the Apple iPhone range, its update schedule is not yet known. Apple might decide to regularly update the 4-inch iPhone as its flagship devices, but its internal compents are also powerful enough that it can remain a capable phe for several years without upgrading. March 21, 2017, Apple increased storage levels, but did not introduce a new model.

Rumors about a secd generati iPhone SE have been circulating for several mths now, but the ccrete details have been hard to come by. We have heard a lot of rumors and speculatis, but a lot of information has been ctradictory and impossible to cfirm.

More recently, the Japanese site Mac Otakara stated that Apple had not defined the final design of the iPhone SE and was exploring several prototypes before the launch of the third quarter, an unlikely scenario that design elements would be established now if Apple plans to release the device in the fall. Mac Otakara also said that the SE iPhone would come in May, so the site, which is sometimes accurate, shares several cflicting and cfusing rumors at that time.

Mac Otakara said that the secd generati iPhone SE will have the same physical size as the current iPhone SE, and that it will ctinue to offer a Touch ID Home butt. Apple can, however, eliminate the headphe jack, perhaps to improve the water resistance, and a glass back could be added for …

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