iPhone Display Screen Colors Distorted: Quick Fix

The colors of my iPhone seemed to be completely distorted. I started to wder what was wrg with the screen and why it looked so blurry. But just when too many unfortunate things were starting to turn in my mind, e of the most appreciable accessibility features has struck wisdom.

I've disabled the feature mentied above, and the screen distorti is instantly corrected. When I inquired about the problem, my wife told me that it was the little angel who wanted to make too many changes to the Settings applicati. I can not say for sure, but the root cause of your problem could be a little similar to mine.

 Color Distorti  iPhone or iPad

How to Fix Color Distorti iPhone or iPad [19659005] Make sure the color filters are off or adjust them perfectly

iOS lets you to filter the colors of your device. Depending your cvenience, you can choose a different filter to improve your viewing. For example, if your eyes find bright colors a little too hard, you have the opti to select Grayscale. In additi, you can choose to increase the intensity and hue of the filters.

Step # 1. Open the applicati Settings your iOS device → Press General.

Step # 2. Then press Accessibility.

 Press Settings and then General and then Accessibility  iPhone or iPad

Step # 3. Next, press View Accommodatis → Press Color Filters.

 Press View Slots, then Color Filter in iPhone and iPad settings

Step # 4. Turn off the switch next to Color filters.

 Disable Color Filters  iPhone or iPad

Note: If you want to use this feature your device, be sure to adjust ideally the filters. To learn more about color filters, visit this comprehensive guide.

Now check that your device colors should appear correctly ….

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