iPhone Addicti is our problem, not Apple

Is it like you're addicted to your iPhone? Do you think others, especially younger es, are addicted to the iPhone? Michael Gartenberg, iMore, ctributes to the discussi in a useful way. "Frankenstein's IPhe: Ctrol, not to be ctrolled."

  The addicti to the iPhone is our problem, not that of Apple

It's a job for us, according to author Gartenberg. Do not expect, he notes, Apple to do for us what we should do ourselves.

Smartphes are incredible. My iPhone improves almost every facet of my life. From ctent creati to csumpti. From communicati to collaborati This is still ly a tool. I do not think we need Apple to find ways to ctrol their creati. I think we should be able to get this e by ourselves.

My opini is simple. If we do useful and useful things in our lives, make ctributis, teach, serve, volunteer, create or anything, we will naturally use the iPhone as a tool to succeed. It's when life is not very motivated and directed that it's too easy to turn to the iPhone as a crutch, and look to fill a void. And then it becomes unsatisfactory. That's why the more young people use their smartphe, the more they are depressed. When it is used as an end in itself, it does not satisfy. Something more is being sucked, and giving in to the addicti of the iPhone is not the answer.

This latest observati is not just my opini. It was studied, according to NPR . "The risk of depressi amg adolescents and suicide is related to the use of smartphes, study …

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