iPad has the highest market share in the first quarter since 2014 according to IDC

Apple announced Tuesday that it sold 9.1 milli iPads during the first quarter of 2018, which earned it its highest share of the global tablet market during this quarter in four years, according to IDC.

The research firm estimates that iPads accounted for 28.8% of tablet shipments over the three-mth period, compared to 24.9% in the previous year's quarter. This modest growth has allowed the iPad to post its highest market share in the first quarter since 2014, when it took a 32.7% stake.

The market share of the iPad in the first quarter by IDC:

  • 2013: 40.2%
  • 2014: 32.7%
  • 2015: 26.8%
  • 2016: 25.9%
  • 2017: 24.9%
  • 2018: 28.8%

IDC reported that worldwide tablet sales by all suppliers decreased by 11.7% in the first quarter compared with the previous year, which allowed the iPad to gain more sales, revenue and market share. impressive.

The iPad remains the most popular tablet in the world, as was the case shortly after its launch in 2010. Samsung finished secd in the first quarter with about 5.3 milli tablet shipments, compared with six milli in the third quarter. , although its market share remained at 16.7%.

Five leading sellers of tablets, detachable + slate, global shipments in millis, via IDC

Samsung has grown steadily because of significantly lower shipments other tablet manufacturers in the first quarter, according to IDC. It is estimated that Amaz, for example, shipped ly 1.1 milli tablets from January to March, a decrease of 49.5% from the same quarter of the previous year.

However, the company Strategy Analytics estimates that Amaz shipped 2.8 milli shipments in the first quarter, and it is unclear why there is such a discrepancy between the figures . IDC said that Amaz's quarterly slowdown "is not a surprise" given that its tablet sales are highly seasal.

For the future, the new 9.7-inch sixth generati iPad is expected to have more impact in the secd quarter of 2018, while the tablet was launched with ly four days in the first quarter, in the middle of the seas of educatial purchases.

Regarding the next steps for the iPad, it is said that Apple will launch at least a new Pro model with thinner glasses, no home butt, and Face ID Plus late this year. The fate of the iPad mini is less certain, but it could possibly receive a speed bump routine if it stays in Apple's range of tablets.

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