iOS 12 release date and new features rumors

The next versi of iOS – the operating system that runs all iPhones and iPads – is likely to hit our Apple handhelds in the fall of 2018. The update of this year will be iOS 12. Now that iOS is almost a teenager, what can we expect?

Based what Apple has already said – although behind closed doors – we can expect iOS 12 to solve performance and quality issues and focus stability and bug fixes. But do not worry, there are surely new features that will hold you to mind, such as AirPlay 2, which did not appear in the iOS 11.3 update, despite the fact that you were using the beta versi .

So what's in store for iOS 12? In this article, we collect all the rumors, clues, clues and leaks that point to the release date of iOS 12, the new features and more. The main image is a ccept illustrati by iOS News And More.

Release Date

iOS 12 will launch in September 2018.

Apple is a creature of habit when it comes to OS updates, and the past behavior strgly points to iOS 12 (with macOS 10.14, tvOS 12 and watchOS 5) being announced and demo at WWDC in the summer (probably June) 2018, before being deployed as a series of beta-tests, first for developers then in a public beta versi

The final public release of iOS 12.0 will be launched in the fall of 2018; probably in September, algside new iPhones.

New features coming in iOS 12

We have a lg list of desirable features that we hope will become iOS 12, and we'll talk about it. features that were supposed to appear in previous iOS updates but have not appeared yet.

Unfortunately, it seems that the major overhaul will have to wait for iOS 13 in 2019. Unlucky for some? But there are still a lot of good things to expect in 2018.

Possible: Fusi of macOS and iOS

You might be able to run MacOS applicatis the iPad and vice versa when he starts in the autumn. At least that is Apple's plan, according to a report by Axios.

In December 2017, Bloomberg wrote that Apple planned to combine iPhone, iPad and Mac applicatis …

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