iOS 12 causes charging problems for some iPhe, iPad models

Problems with iPhe charging may occur not ly XS Max, but also other devices running iOS 12.
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Some devices running iOS 12 have a report that charging will not start if sleep mode is active while Lightning cable is cnected.

This problem was first pointed out at iPhe XS Max, but it is clearly occurring in various models of Apple.

If the device is awake while the cable is cnected, there is no problem with charging. It is displayed ly when the screen of the mobile phe or tablet is off.

Everye is not ccerned about charging the iPhe

This problem does not occur all devices running iOS 12. Unbox Therapy I ran tests nine different units such as iPhe X, iPhe XS, iPhe XS Max, but the results were very ctradictory. Sometimes the device ran normally and went back from sleep lg enough to start charging. Other handsets under test ignored the cable being installed at all. Some of these start charging when you wake up by tapping the screen.

A Mack cult iPhe XS Max does not have this problem, but iOS 12.1 Beta 1 is running. This means that this problem does not occur 12.9 inch iPad Pro with iOS 12.

Probably USB Safe Mode problem

There were no reports of similar problems with wireless charging. ly when using lighting cable. This increases the likelihood that the problem is related to the USB safe mode. This is the first feature added in iOS 11.4.1, partially disabling the Lightning port after the iPhe has not been used for e hour.

After pausing for 60 minutes, the port is supposed to ignore the accessory attempting to transfer data. The goal is to block with the "brute force" the unlock tool of iPhe used by hackers and police. However, Apple warns that there may be problems with billing in USB safe mode.

Noting that this iPhe charging issue is addressed, Apple is almost certainly working fixing it. Please wake up the iPhe in the meantime and then cnect the Lightning cable and charge.

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