Increase the usefulness and fun of your Mac0 with e of these 10 accessories for less than $ 50 each

A Mac is pretty big in itself, but there is always something that can push the usability or ease of use a bit further. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars each accessory, and there are many useful items that we have used and liked, and which cost less than a dinner for two in the city.

Twelve South BookArc mod

If you cnect your MacBook to a desktop mitor every day for hours, the BookArc mod (for $ 49.99 at TwelveSouth or $ 56.09 at Amaz) will keep it closed and upright while it is still running, freeing up space. The standard works with every MacBook from 12 to 15 inches, and also with sports cable management.

The mod is made of hardwood, but you can also get the original aluminum BookArc for the same price.

Grovemade wool felt writing pad

The Desk Pad ($ 50) is usually cosmetic, and adds a bit of spice and "warmth" to a boring desk. However, it can be useful to keep your keyboard and mouse out of the way quickly. People in winter climates will appreciate that their wrists and hands are kept from cold surfaces.

The cushi covers an area of ​​11 by 25.25 inches and is 3 millimeters thick. Note that although it can be used with optical mice, people who require high speed and precisi must use a separate mouse pad.

Nomad 100W USB-C cable

If you need a sturdy USB-C / power cable that does not get cfused, this Nomad range ($ 34.95) is thicker than most with braided ballistic nyl and can deliver up to 100 watts of power – more than enough for every MacBook. It also supports USB 3.1 Gen 2, enabling speeds of up to 10 gigabits per secd.

Alternatively, you can view Nomad's 60-watt versi ($ 24.95). It is cheaper and also charges every MacBook, but the speed drops to USB 2.0 levels.

Satechi Aluminum Type-C Cl Hub Pro

Apple's race to hide or eliminate ports has often made Macs less easy. The Cl Hub Pro ($ 49.99) hooks into the USB-C port the back of the iMac to provide USB-C the frt, three USB Type-A ports, and SD and microSD cards. However, the forward-facing USB-C port has a n-powered USB that is limited to 5 gigabytes per secd.

Apple USB-C to Lightning cable

We have e item from Apple the list, simply because you can not get MFI-certified alternatives until next year. The company's USB-C to Lightning cable comes in 1 and 2 meter versis, priced at $ 19 and $ 35. It is practically a must-have for anye who charges an iPhone or iPad from his Mac.

Ten e Design Blockhead

If you're not so fd of the way Apple's power adapters stick out of your wall, the Blockhead ($ 19.95) replaces the tip with a cap that pushes most of an adapter aside. This allows you to cnect to places that are normally inaccessible, such as behind a bed or couch.

Although made with Macs in mind, it also works with Apple's 10, 12 and 29-watt iPad adapters.

Square there

You probably think Square's payers need a phe or tablet, but the company recently announced that the 3.5 mm versi (free with new account registrati, $ 10 for every extra there) of the magstripe will work there with Macs with the Square Virtual Terminal. Not a word about the EMV and n-ctacters.

Be warned that while the ECR is cheap, the company charges 2.75% per swipe in Virtual Terminal, and 3.5% (plus $ 0.15) for keyed transactis.

Twelve South BackPack

This is reserved for people who are absolutely obsessed with space and can afford to pay for the privilege. The BackPack ($ 34.99, for sale for $ 29.74) is a steel shelf that hangs the side of an iMac with gravity and two adjustable clips. It must be sturdy enough to hold things like hubs and external drives.

A nice touch is that the accessory comes with four vertical pins that can be used to hang some peripherals vertically, even MacBooks, as lg as they ly weigh 3.5 pounds or less. A silice "landing platform" should prevent sanding.

eAdaptr Twist + World charging stati

The Twist + ($ 42.94) is an unusual versi of Apple adapter mods. This not ly supports the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and E.U. outlets, but can charge four additial USB devices.

There are some potential disadvantages. It is the opposite of small for e, and some people have complained about the ability to stay in looser sockets. It can also be difficult to fit in some Australian sockets, even if it works technically.

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

Although it helped them popularize, Apple is somehow still awful in making mice. There are many solid alternatives, but e of the more cost-effective alternatives is the MX Anywhere 2S ($ 49.99). It can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth or its own Logitech receiver and can in fact be cnected to three devices simultaneously, even if you can ly ctrol e at a time.

More importantly, the mouse has a sharp 4,000 dpi "Darkfield" sensor that even works glass, provided it is at least 4 mm thick. A rechargeable battery lasts up to 70 days.

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