In the rules of the new App Store, all applicatis need a privacy policy

Last night when announcing developers via App Store Cnect, Apple required that all new applicatis and updates ctain links to developer's privacy policy in the applicati metadata. The new rules will come into force October 3.

Even if the applicati is an ordinary utility that does not cnect to the Internet, you need to host a website with a privacy policy page.

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In the App Store app list, the URL metadata field of the privacy policy existed for a lg time. This is a required item for apps that use subscriptis, but this requirement applies to all apps in the store. Apple will not sell existing apps, but future updates will require the URL of the privacy policy to be set.

the iPhone or iPad, you can tap the link to the privacy policy and read it in Safari. Because tvOS does not have a web browser, developers have to copy and paste their privacy into a text box when submitting their app, so Apple TV can display it.

Apple stated that the privacy policy needs to specify the data the applicati collects, its method and usage. Applicati developers are also required to verify that the behavior of the embedded third party framework complies with the parent applicati's privacy policy. Apple also says that the app needs to explain the data retenti policy clearly and explain in detail how users can revoke csent of stored persal data and request deleti.

It is not yet known whether Apple will bring out apps that are found to be in violati of the privacy policy. Receiving a scandal like Cambridge Analytica, the practice of data sharing of "app" has been reviewed in recent mths in recent mths.

Apple has set up an information screen screen that describes how to use persal information …



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