iMac G5 rips pages from iPod Playbook

August 31, 2004: Apple announced the iMac G5, a white plastic computer like the world's largest iPod.

A new all-in-e machine is housed in a 2-inch housing reminiscent of Apple's cinema display, with the attractive plasticity of the icic G3 iMac and the minimal form factor of today's ultra-thin aluminum desktop Fill the gap.

iMac G5: e large panel

Unlike a giant cathode ray mitor and a spherical iMac G3 packed all the internal parts into a sunflower inspired iMac G4 that was built into the base unit, the iMac G5 compressed everything into a single panel.

G5I did not misunderstand the fact that iMac G5 came from people who brought you an iPod.
Photo: Apple

Today, we are accustomed to a Mac that incorporates a CPU, motherboard, drive, speaker into a mitor of an all-in-e computer. However, in 2004 I had not seen much of it before. (The package became more comprehensive when Apple added an iSight webcam integrated in the final versi of iMac G5 the following year.)

Likewise, we have become accustomed to large real estate real estate. But I felt iMac G5's 17 or 20 inch widescreen display choice was incredibly fresh and rich. (It was not the first time for Apple as some iMac G4 models also ctained similar 20 inch screens.)

The design inspired by the computer's iPod performed another important functi. It csciously combined the new iMac G5 with Apple's most popular products at the time.

The first Apple computer speaks cstantly with those who were iMac G5. Apple in 2004 has been a lg way since the 1990s, but there were still a lot of people who have taken the first provisial steps to the Apple world.

By making a …



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