iMac At 20: 10 iMac Facts And History In Pictures

iMac was released August 15, 1998, tomorrow 20 years ago. iMac has evolved into a sophisticated silhouette we know today, using a variety of materials such as color, shape, size, so 7 different designs were announced.

When the iMac was introduced, it caused shock waves in the industry and became design ics. To celebrate the 20 years of Apple's all-in-e computer, we have 10 facts about iMac and iMac history of pictures.

iMac Facts

  1. The iMac was first introduced by Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs at the event of May 6, 1998. Steve Jobs of Apple said, "Csumers are looking for computers iMac is seeking computers in August 1998 It was released 15th and it became the best selling computer at Christmas.
  2. iMac was trusted by rescuing Apple from certain deaths (although Steve Jobs, who came back to the company a year ago, has been doing well).
  3. The iMac was designed by Jathan Ive. After that, Ive of Chinford from North East Ld has served as a knight afterwards (officially being Sir Johnathan Ive). He is still working at Apple as a chief design officer.
  4. The name iMac was dreamed by Ken Segall who worked at Apple's advertising agency. Jobs called it MacMan. Luckily Segall was cvinced not. A few years ago, I met Ken Segall. This is what I was talking about the name of iMac.
  5. The original iMac's commercial was narrated by the actor Jeff Goldblum.
  6. iMac's I represents the Internet, Apple's first "i" product. In 1998 the Internet rapidly expanded, the first Internet weblog started to appear. Apple charged iMac as an easy way …



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